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Stardust School of Dance : Edmund the Dazzling Dancer

Designer: Five Mile


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Ballet & Dance are Australia’s most popular extra curricular activities with more enrolments than swimming lessons! • Includes a cast of culturally diverse characters AND both girl and boy dancers - Edmund the Dazzling Dancer is the first in the series to explore Stardust School of Dance from the perspective of a boy • Pitched to hit newly independent readers in that sweet spot just between first chapter books and middle grade fiction • Brought to you by the powerhouse publisher and marketing team who launched Billie B Brown, Hey Jack, Go Girl and Zac Power to Australian readers. • Backed with a comprehensive consumer marketing campaign – aimed to achieve school yard credibility and collector status with girls aged 6-10 When Madam Martine asks Edmund to choose the dance for Stardust to perform at the Gala, it’s never going to be an ordinary performance. Edmund is excited to make it something original, something incredible. A true extravaganza! On top of Edmund’s Gala planning, he is helping Dad out at the family restaurant. Edmund wants to impress his dad with his amazing Gala performance. But with everything happening at the restaurant, will Dad even make it to the Gala? And will Edmund be able to pull off his grand plans?

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